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Adding 20lbs/10kg Of Muscle In Just 3 Months

Adding 20lbs/10kg Of Muscle In Just 3 Months

Are You Adding Quality Muscle?

The question I asked so many times before in my life was: Is it really possible to add more than 5lbs of muscle, without adding fat, in 3 months without having to resort to steroids or some other unhealthy substances? The answer was given to me by a famous Youtube-star Rich Piana. Sadly he has since passed away, but his teaching’s were always something that I admired.

To give you guys a bit of background so you know why I decided to take his advice I want to say a couple things about him. First of all, he was very honest. He was honest about his steroid use, what he used and how much he used. He was a very successful business man who had longer lines at the fitness expos than even the reigning Mr. Olympia.

Rich was an inspiration to me. Personally I don’t care whether he used steroids or not, since it was his choice. It didn’t remove the fact that he knew how to train, how to grow muscle, how to eat well and how to make drastic changes in a physique in a short amount of time. A couple years before his untimely passing, he launched a challenge: Add 30lbs of muscle in 3 months.

Spoiler: He himself added more than 40lbs closing in on his mid forties and close to no fat!!!


What About The “Natural” Guys

There were many who trained natural and didn’t use anything who also participated in the challenge. Some got close to 30lbs, but most were somewhere between 10-20lbs of muscle added during those 3 months. Seeing people put on that much muscle naturally was very astonishing to me. I had no idea it was physically possible. So how did they do it?

Well, the first thing was programming of nutrition and training. When going for maximal results, it takes determination and unprecedented dedication to the cause. It all started with baseline meals of 3-4 meals per day and roughly 40-45min of working out per day 6 times a week. Week by week the workouts would get tougher, the cardio would increase, the meals would go up and the intensity would get higher. At around week 4 I could see many people dropping out since that’s where all the eating and working out really started to get hard.

I’m not going to lay out the full program here, but If you’re interested, you can always contact me at tuomas@emfience.com and I’ll be happy to share the formula week by week.

The people who withstood the intensity were the ones who gained a lot of muscle. These guys would look skinny when they started and end up looking like fitness models by the end of the competition. It was truly amazing! After that competition I knew that it was possible to add muscle, natural or juiced, and to add it in a qualitative way that would last.


How Did I Do?

I didn’t personally take the competition seriously. I trained along with the group for around 6-7 weeks eating and training like advised. After that I kind of let go a little bit, but still maintained the meal and training. I just didn’t up the tempo anymore. I ended up gaining roughly 12lbs of muscle during 12 weeks. For me it was pretty amusing to see how well my body responded even though I for sure didn’t give it my all.

The reason I didn’t give it my all? Because I didn’t believe adding that much muscle was possible. I admit, I half-assed the whole thing after week 6. I didn’t measure my progress during the challenge so I thought I was not doing as well as I actually was. Imagine if I had gone full out for the whole 12 weeks… what if I had done that for 16 weeks…? Suddenly, I was a believer.

Knowing what I know now has allowed for me to put lots of muscle on my frame throughout the years. Whenever I want to add 5-10lbs quickly, I know how to do it in a month. If I want to lose fat and lean out, I know how to do that effectively without losing minimal, if any, muscle. And it was all thanks to Rich Piana. It wasn’t because of his teachings on techniques, nutrition nor training. It was because what he enabled me to think. My mind was opened and suddenly everything was possible. Rich was the “Tony Robbins” of bodybuilding.


Fat Gain

If you’re going to try this challenge on your own and see how far you get I have to give you a couple of tips:

  1. You’re going to get fat if you don’t up the cardio as you up the meals. Don’t be lazy! Do the cardio.
  2. Eventually you’ll be training for 2hrs per day lifting weights. Program your training wisely so you have energy and stamina at the gym.
  3. Recovery is the most essential part of this program along with nutrition. Get ample sleep and learn how not to stress about your life.
  4. Measure your progress! Don’t just stare at the scale. If your scale says you’re up 10lbs, but you look like a fat pig when you look in the mirror, it’s time to up the cardio and lessen the carbs.
  5. If you’re using gear, take into account the esters and half-lives of each compound especially if you’re mixing orals and injectables.
  6. Remember blood tests. Whether you’re natural or not, having blood tests taken is vital to knowing what is going on in your body. If you’ve never done this kind of a challenge at this intensity, you have no way of knowing how your body will react. So stay safe and get those “bloods” taken.


Want Me To Join You On This Challenge?

I was so mad at myself for not going full out the last time that I decided to take on the challenge again! I’m soon launching a Maximum Muscle group that is open for anyone looking to add serious muscle and have me standing by their side while they go at it. I’ll be helping the members with nutrition, workouts, techniques, AAS, recover and everything needed to gain AT LEAST 20lbs of muscle in 3 months.

I will be launching the group within a month so make sure you follow Emfience on Facebook and Instagram

The goal is simple: Prove that it is possible to add quality muscle, a lot of it, in a short amount of time. The people participating will look amazing when they are done. The only problem if the feeling of getting hooked to the results. The good news is, this formula works time after time. You can utilize what you learn many times over and even learn how to tweak the program formula to suit your lifestyle perfectly.

I’ll include a competition into the challenge as well and the winner will receive a prize worth going for 😉

I hope to see your at the Maximum Muscle group very soon.


May the gains be with you… always


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