Apply As Coach

Do you share our passion of serving others? Do you want to make a difference in the world and earn while at it? Good, so do we.
As an Emfience Coach you will be brought under our brand. Emfience is based on KBB-system developed by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. We will train you in all of the areas, or just specific areas if you so choose. The standard of coaching at Emfience is of the highest Gold standard expected of KBB-system coaches. We carry Tony Robbins's and Dean Graziosi's teachings and methodologies and we expect our coaches to do the same! The training will be done virtually by attending our Workshop: ``Become a Coach``

You will learn the following skills (or choose what areas interest you):

1. Personal Mastery
2. Financial Mastery
3. Physical Mastery

- Marketing on social media
- Email marketing
- Affiliate marketing
- Growing your own audience
- Setting up your own workshops, courses and/or mastermind
- Events and becoming a speaker

Would you like to learn from Tony and Dean via Emfience and be part of their system?

Take action. There are no excuses.

_Madness is trying the same things hoping for a different result_

How to become a coach

We make it easy for you

Coaches make the difference in the world! Make an Impact on people's lives and help yourself in getting the freedom to be yourself. All YOU need to do is apply as a coach by attending a workshop, share your story and let us guide you through the process. You wil learn how to coach, market and make coaching your lifestyle it that's something you want. Emfience coaches have the possiblity to speak at events organized by Emfience and share their teachings to a wider audience. We also encourage new coaches to grow their own network to help spread the goodwill faster.
All coaches must complete our training to provide all the necessary information, strategies and mindset in succeeding. Coaches will be displayed at Emfience website and become affiliate partners in our growing network. Coaches are responsible for their own clients, but will receive all the needed support from Emfience.
Get started by attending our 2-day workshop. After you complete the workshop, you will become a part of the Emfience family and receive a certificate of completion. You will be added as a certified coach in the Emfience database and enrolled in our Affiliate program if you so choose. Start by scheduling a session where we go through the details for the training.