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Best Age To Bulk Up

Best Age To Bulk Up

Best Age To Bulk Up

As many of you might know, the male body starts to lose it’s “potence” after turning 21-25 years. The reason behind this is the declining testosterone level. A male testosterone level is at its peak levels around the ages 20-22 depending on the person. Naturally this would incline that the best time to bulk up and gain muscle would be just before and during this peak stage of testosterone levels.

But it’s always not that black and white. Let me explain…


Experience And Quality

When it comes to building muscle, the biggest factor in my opinion is not the testosterone level nor the age. It’s the knowledge and experience of how to put on muscle, how to train and how to eat properly. Let’s assume that a teenager wants to look his biggest at the age 25. He reads that the testosterone levels of males peak at around ages 20-22 so he decides to start hitting the gym at the age of 19 assuming that he’s maxed out at the age of 22-23. This logic would make sense if it wasn’t for one important aspect, mind-muscle connection!

Before I go into detail on what mind-muscle connection actually is and how to streamline learning it fastest way possible I want to shoot another point across briefly. Building a quality physique that lasts throughout years is not something that can be done in 2-3 years. It’s a lifestyle that has to be sustained year after year. Although it’s possible to completely transform one’s body in just a year, that change won’t last longer than 5 months without knowing how to upkeep the physique and make the muscle quality better



There are many explanations on what mind-muscle-connection (mmc) actually is, but for me the simplest way to understand is this: “Are you able to flex any muscle around your body at will and only use that particular muscle to perform a selected movement at the gym?” If I was to ask you to do a bicep curl, would you be able to put 90% of the strain on just your bicep or would you also engage your front delt or forearms? Mmc is the ability to maximize the strain on the muscle you are working on without recruiting other muscles or muscle groups for help.

This is the biggest reason why professional bodybuilders are able to say that they can have better results doing just one set per workout compared to an ameteur doing 12 sets per workout. It’s not about the volume, it’s about how much strain and focus you are able to put on the muscle you want to workout.

Developing mmc takes years. I remember when I first started out and wanted to do lat pulldowns. I could only feel the movement in my forearms and biceps but my back would never get a pump (pump is when blood is pushed into the muscle resulting in a burning/hurting feeling). It took me roughly 2 years to be able to perform the lat pulldown in a way that my back was actually trained and got tired first before my arms gave out. Developing the mind-muscle-connection should be the #1 goal of anyone trying to add a lot of muscle.


So How Should You Go About It?

I would suggest people to start training no later than at the age of 18 if they truly want to maximize their natural potential as soon as possible. If you have the time and energy you can even start when you’re 15-16 years old. Some lighter working out can be done prior to that but it should be aimed more toward bodyweight workouts and not resistance training.

By starting at 18 (or younger) you give yourself a lot of time to learn the mmc before reaching the peak years of muscle building. When your testosterone is at its highest, your recovery is enhanhanced, your body is able to carry more muscle and you generally have more energy. If you can afford a coach, I highly suggest you hire a good coach for your first couple years of training to learn how to train properly. Using a proper technique is key in developing good mind-muscle-connection.

It took me many years to learn how to train each bodypart correctly and efficiently and I’m still learning something new all the time. The learning never stops so I suggest everyone to start as early as possible. Having essentially wasted my first 3-4 years of training by doing all the mistakes possible, I set myself back a lot in my journey to the ultimate physique. I hope you approach things in a better way and take it seriously from day 1.


Do You Need Help?

If you are serious about looking your best by the age 25 and want to maximize the short window of maximal gains, I suggest you contact me or join one of my programs. I occasionally do some challenges where I show my clients how to push their bodies for 8-16 weeks (depending on the challenge) to get the maximum out of their body. My personal record is adding 20lbs of muscle in 14 weeks and I hope to find many people who will surpass that level.

Are you up for a challenge?

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