Body & Fitness

During the 10 years that I’ve been training seriously I’ve learned so much through trial and error. What separates a good coach from a bad one is experience in conjunction with science. I have used hundreds of hours in finding all the best practices in changing a physique. It’s not all about looks, of course. Revamping your body means more energy, more focus, more enjoyment in life. We all have different goals: some want to be muscular, some lean and healthy, some just want to get rid of those love handles..

No matter what your individual goals is, we will make it attainable together. Throughout my career I’ve shaped my body in a tremendous way. I have helped obese people lose more than 50lbs in a short time. I’ve trained people in nutrition so that they never require a coach to tell them what to eat anymore. Putting on lean muscles for the summer, trying to look good for a date or need more energy for work? I’ve got you covered. Let’s get your ideal Body & Physique!

NOTE: In case you’d like for a shorter coaching period than 1 year, please Contact Us!

Build Muscle

This program is for bulking up and building quality muscle while maintaining the current fat percentage.
You’ll learn how to optimize your training and each workout to give you the best results long and short term.
You have options for a standard workout program or a customized training program depending on what suits you the best.
I recommend a standard workout program for beginners and the customized program for intermediate and advanced athletes.

Lose Fat

Are you in quest for achieving a lean and healthy looking body? The Emfience nutrition programs will help you in eating healthy, understanding nutrition and finding the best way to eat for your body. The goal is to lose fat, get more energy and look healthier. Remember that changes take time. Our usual diet-programs last from anywhere between 1-12 months depending on your starting point and goals.
For nutrition, each program will be tailored to your needs. Standard, one size fits all, don’t exists in dieting and thus we will work together to build the best nutrition program for you.


This is where everything comes together. Learn how to train and eat like a pro. You set your own goals: build muscle, lose fat, get huge, lean out for summer… Whatever it might be, we got you covered. The programs are customized for each client and updates are done on a weekly basis depending on what your progress is. The Training & Nutrition- program is desined for all levels no matter where you are currently. We also cover the basics of supplementation and their proper usage. Ready to get you optimized program for maximal guaranteed results?


The topic of supplements and using AAS is one of the most controversial ones out there. I believe that if people choose to go the route of using enhancements, they should know how to do it safely and properly. There are many “gurus” and forums out there that give horrible advise which can lead to serious health problems. I believe in doing everything as safely as possible. This can only be achieved by experience and scientific knowledge. Having studied AAS for 5+ years and being around people who have been successful in using them, I have obtained  enough knowledge through experience and studies that I can comfortably help others IF they choose this route in fitness.
(I do NOT recommend anyone the use of AAS or any related products. However, if my client chooses so, I believe it is my responsibility to help him/her do it as safely as possible)