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Why Should You Have a Coach?

Why Should You Have a Coach?

The Coach Of Your Life

Remember when you used to struggle with a problem during math class? Remember when you tried to score your first goal playing football or first basket playing basketball? How long did it take for you to actually master the skill of adding numbers together and then use that information in calculations that included a lot of other information as well…?

If you go back in time and take a look at what actually happened, you can clearly see that there was always a teacher nearby. It was that teacher who allowed for you to understand sums of numbers. It was a teacher who taught you how to kick a football or shoot a basketball. Now whether you call that person a teacher, a coach or a parent doesn’t matter. What matters is that most likely without guidance, it would’ve taken you a lot longer to figure out how to do the things you now know.

If you agree with me that we all need a teacher/coach in our life, then why do we stop having one when we finish school?


The Curse of Schooling

The answer to my previous question is quite simple. I believe the real reason lies within our education system and a little bit in our parents. See, what school teaches us is to find the right answers. No matter what we did, the answer had to be right or we failed. We failed to get a 10 or an A on our test. That test was designed to make us memorize things by heart and remember the right answer. Tests were not meant for trying creative solutions and encouraging us to find another answer if our first one wasn’t close.

Much like school, our parent tend to give us guidance in a way that we are either correct and “good kids” or we are incorrect and “bad kids”. We listen, some maybe not, to our parents and figure that since they’re older they must know how to live life like it’s supposed to be lived. Oh how incorrect we would be to make that conclusion. Our parents are a product of the SAME OLD schooling system and the same old patterns of raising a child. Only a selected few have ever been able to break those patterns and take a leap of faith. That leap would allow for them to actually be independent and pass that trait on to their kids.

So, we’ve learned how to obey, how to find the “right” answer and how we should never fail or be wrong. Our goals is supposed to be to live life the right way: good education, good stable job – whatever that means – and start a nice family. Yet so many people are unhappy when they achieve this lifestyle. Herein lies the answer to my question “why do we stop having a teacher/coach when we finnish school?”

It’s because we believe we’ve learned everything we have to. School was supposed to make us wise. We wouldn’t make mistakes anymore if we had that master’s degree. We would learn responsibility by having a family. And we would not have financial problems if we got that nice stable job. As it turns out, life doesn’t end there.

School doesn’t teach us anything about how to handle our own finances, how be a good husband or a good wife, how to be a good parent, how to become happy, how to control our emotions, how to find our passion or even how to say “i love you” to our partner in a way that it means something. By thinking we’re ready, we are actually saying “NO” to the thinks that really matter in life. We had a teacher for all those meaningless things in life, but never got one for the things that matter.

Wouldn’t it make sense to get a coach for your finances? What about raising a child so that they don’t turn out the way 99% of people on this planet do: fearfull. Or how about learning to actually break our own limiting beliefs and negative patterns so that we can achieve happiness and fulfillment in life, thus having a happy relationship, stable children and a lifelong partner by our side. Now to me, a coach who can teach those skills is far more valuable than someone who teaches how to become a slave for corporations and pay more taxes than needed.


Take Action, Or Don’t. It’s Up To You

No matter what type of a life you choose to live, in the end it’s up to you. Just remember that your decisions WILL have an affect on others around you, especially your kids. If you become a corporate slave, please don’t encourage anyone to take the same route. Instead, encourage your kids, your friends and even yourself to find a road in their life that is full of passion and personal growth day after day. If your dream is to be a worker for money, then by all means keep going! There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing if that is truly your dream. Just make sure it’s your dream and not your parents, wife’s or anyone else’s dream that they just put on you.

Most people fail to take action and ignore the possibility of finding a good life coach is due to the fear of making a mistake. “What if I hire the wrong coach? What if I don’t get the results that I want and I lose money?” or my favorite and one of the most powerfull fears “What if I actually discover that what I’ve been doing is totally the opposite of what I want and should be doing… What if my life so far has been meaningless?” This last fear is in the subconsciousness of every person who says they don’t want a life coach or don’t need one. Their ego won’t allow for them to become better or grow as a person. The thought of wasting time or having wasted time is unbearable. However, if this fear is to be conquered, we need to ask ourselves: is my life worth taking the risk that I have been wrong and made wrong decisions at some point? Have I really made mistakes or were they necessary decisions in order for me to be right here right now to ascend to the level where I am able to get a coach for myself, even if it means changing things radically?

Where To Start?

There are easy ways to get started for those who are ready for the next step in life. My favorite options are attending seminars, events or masterminds. I would recommend attending Tony Robbins’s “Unleash The Power Within” 4-day seminar at least once in your life. Another thing I’d do is attend a mastermind – a group of people aspiring for X together – and see how the group is and if the coach is what you need at the moment.

I’m not here to promote my own seminars, events or services, but I do want to give an option to those who are just getting started on the journey of self-education and self-improvement. I have a mastermind that allows for people to start learning about the strategies and tools used by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. These strategies changed my life and allowed for me to live the kind of dreamlife I always wanted to. And living how I do now doesn’t require for me to be a millionaire. I programmed my brain in a way that I’m happy every single day, I’m thankfull for my amazing girlfriend, I’m grateful for having had a blessed childhood and having travelled so much as a kid. I already have everything I need, now it’s time to give back and aspire for higher levels in life with other people who share my ambitions.

If you are saying to yourself  “Okay let’s do this. I’m ready to make a change.” Then you CAN click the link below and join my mastermind. If it’s not me coaching you and not now. At least make clear to yourself who will it be and when will it be that you take the next step.


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