08 Aug

Coaching | Achieve the goals you have always dreamt of

Have you ever heard of an athlete that has been successful without having a coach? What about an entrepreneur who never had anyone helping him? Even Elon Musk had a team, Steve Jobs had Wozniak, Zuckerberg had Saverin and Parker. There hasn’t been, at least to my knowledge, anyone who has found amazing success without having the help from others

The Journey To Freedom

When we first start aspiring for a goal we often ask ourselves, “Can I actually do this?”. It might seem like an innocent question, but in reality it is a very destructive one if not taken seriously. Human beings are naturally inclined to look for the negative in everything that is new. Our brains are meant to keep us alive not taking risks. When something is unprecedented or uncertain, our brain goes into “warning”-mode trying to make us stop. That what is familiar is also safe. The key to getting out of this mode is actually quite simple, but requires a lot of attention in the beginning.

Imagine yourself learning a new language or an advanced mathematical formula. When you look at the task in front of you, what do you see? Do you think of the loooong process ahead or do you focus on the end results, meaning the reward that is waiting if you master that skill? It has been studied and shown in science that people who focus on the process tend to procrastinate, quit early, give up and think that they were not meant to succeed. Whereas, the people who focus on the end goal, vividly visualize it and see themselves being joyful once the skill is mastered were a LOT more likely so succeed. I wonder why…

See, our nervous system doens’t know if something is real or not. By using our imagination we are capable of sending signals to our brain and body that something has happened or is happening. Our body will interpret these signals as actual events that have occurred. Our brain has the power to make the impossible possible and make our body feel it. That’s where the magic happens. When we can see it in our mind’s eye, it is real to our body. We can see the results in study groups where people are put to different groups practicing basketball free throws. One group is only allowed to use mental visualization, one group practises 10 shots per day and one group practises 100 shots per day. The results were as forecasted. The group who only visualized the themselves making the freethrow would go on and sink 9/10 shots. The group practicing the most would sink 7/10 shots and the group practicing only a little would sink 5/10 shots. This is the power of our mind.

Coaches make a world of difference

A good coach will free your mind. A mind that is bound in negativity, short sight and living in the past cannot effectively engage in tasks that are not familiar. On the other hand, a mind that is free, fearless and eager for a new challenge will provide energy, vitality and happiness to the person wielding this power of thought. Coaches who are familiar with visualization are essential in sport. Coaches who understand the mind, NLP-techniques and strategies to free the mind are essential in personal development.

People tend to ask the wrong questions when facing the problem. That is because the brain only thinks in terms on cause and effect, until the brain is let free from its shackles. Have you heard of your friends or family asking themselves “Why did this happen to me?”or “Why does always happen?”. These are some prime examples of the questions a limited mind is able to ask. Once freed the questions would be more like “How can I become better thanks to this?” or “What were the things I did incorrectly that lead to this?”. The first two questions are holding a person back for life, the last two are making the person grow and expand the mind. Which example are you? If you are the first one, be sure to get a coach asap! And even if you are part of the second example, be open minded enough to realize that a good coach will make you ask even better questions and provide you the tools to expand your thinking further than you thought was possible.

Final Thoughts

Yes, freeing your mind is hard work. No, it’s not as hard as you’d think. I’m so happy that we are slowly moving towards a culture where asking for help is rewarded. Seeking help, even therapy is not causing shame anymore. Self education is more and more seeked upon nowadays. People are truly starting to imagine a future without limits – there are only endless opportunities. We can see this change in the generation of the millennials and Gen X. Baby Boomers are currently the generation who are having difficulty in adapting to an age where the impossible has already become possible, the information age.

Hard work doesn’t mean fortunes anymore. It doesn’t even mean safety anymore. Hard work has become more and more diminished as people are given tools and strategies to work smarter. What is more impressive: A person making 1mUSD in 1 year using technology as an aid or a person reaching millionaire status at an age of 70 after 50 years of working hard? The real question people need to ask is “How to do this smarter?”. The best answer would be to find a person who has already done it and model that person. So basically the question is not “how” but “who”.

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