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The Ultimate Physique and AAS – What are you prepared to sacrifice?

The Ultimate Physique and AAS – What are you prepared to sacrifice?

Controversy at its best!

What is required to achieve the ultimate physique? The use of anabolic androgenic steroids has been labeled dangerous and unethical. I agree that using the substances is not a good choice for people who are not competing or who only want to live a healthy life. But, I have to say that the danger in using these chemicals comes from not knowing how to use them properly and who to listen to when asking for advice.
I became very interested in this topic after I started training in a gym that was full of huge bodybuilders. These men had so much muscle it wasn’t even funny. They could lift weights that would take me 5 to 6 years of training to be even able to lift them up from the floor. I had to know was there a safe way off using these substances? A way that would allow for anyone to have a better quality of life. Was this something that would inevitably give me or anyone using them a heart attack or cancer?

“More than 50% of men going to gym use steroids”

I believe we’ve all heard of stories about bodybuilders who died of a heart attack. There have been people like Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver who everyone knows used a lot of steroids, but it has never been proven that these steroids were actually the cause of their death. At the same time we know of people who use things like growth hormone and steroid injections in the form of testosterone to prolong their life. Keeping in mind that it’s very unhealthy for a 40, 50 or 60 year old male to have low testosterone.
In order to combat testicular cancer, doctors often times prescribe anabolic steroids such as testosterone shots to these patients. Growth hormone is another very valuable tool as it helps the cells regenerate faster. It also helps cells in staying younger for longer. In my mind it never made sense how these substances could prolong our lives and help us – and at the same time kill so many who use them.There had to be something the general public was missing in labeling steroids and AAS as dangerous.
So what I found out by talking to the people at my own gym, and by studying the books on these anabolic steroids, was that it wasn’t the steroids that were hurting the people using them. It was the misguided information online that would put people in harm’s way. It is the exact same thing with alcohol, tobacco and/or snus or whatever unhealthy thing that a human being devours. If you do anything too much or too often it becomes unhealthy. Even eating the healthiest foods can become dangerous if you deprive yourself of some certain nutrients that are actually essential to your body.

Become a student

Having studied steroids for the past three years, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not evil nor dangerous. What makes them dangerous is the abusinve nature of the users. It is most alarming in people between the ages of 16 and 25, especially boys. It seems that younglings lack the patience in building a good foundation and immediately jump into what the “pros” do in hopes of achieving a similar physique within a year or two. Even more alarming is the dosages both men and women start with! I’m not going to go into details in dosages, but believe me when I say that “The amounts people use nowadays is just too damn high!”.
I don’t recommend for anyone abusing steroids or even using them. If I could give you one advice it would be to stay away from them for as long as possible, but if you choose to go down that route, please study about steroids. Study about what each individual substance does to your body. Search of all the risks and side effects before you take your first injection. Find people who have experience, who know the facts and who realize that there are dangers in what they’re doing. Once you identify an individual like this, you can proceed to ask for advice. The amount of people on internet forums who pretend to know what they’re doing is alarmingly high. Stay away from these kinds of forums. For the best source of information on this topic, you can refer to a book I state as a source at the end of this post.

Not all topics all pleasurable

I wanted to publish this controversial post because I am a person who says things straight. It’s a reality that these substances are out there and they are becoming more and more common. I believe social media and internet have allowed for this phenomenom to grow rapidly. Finding information and sources to get these substances has become easy. Young men are ruining their lives by hopping on “a cycle” and wishing for amazing gainz and a leaner body to attract females and envy from other men.
I also want to acknowledge that these substances can be used safely and studies have shown that they pose no significant threat to a person’s health – unless there are underlying genetical traits – if used correctly, in moderation and with proper post cycle therapy. I’ve met many young people asking advice from me and I’m glad that they do. In the end it’s everyone’s own decision what they want to do. If that decision is to go down the route of AAS, then it’d be wise to have a person guiding you through the process.
   To find out more about these substances, please read the following book: Anabolics 11th edition. William Llewellyn.
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